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Hello, I’m Mike Cogdill, owner of Cogdill Builders of Florida, Inc.

Univesity of Florida

I was raised in a Florida construction family (4th generation Floridian), spending most summer vacations working on jobsites with my Father’s construction company in Jacksonville, FL during the 1970’s and early 80’s. Working those summers in the 1970’s alongside veteran construction workers gave me exposure to a work ethic not in existence today and an appreciation of accomplishment and a job well done.

I have always wanted to work in the construction field.

Hopewill Cogneration Facility

I followed in my fathers footsteps and receiving my BS in Building Construction from the University of Florida (the oldest college level building construction program in the United States). I then decided to expand my level of knowledge and experience beyond residential construction.

I pursued opportunities with companies such as Metric Constructors, J.A. Jones, and Vogel Brothers Building Company. During that time in my career, I built some of the most demanding and fascinating projects I could have ever imagined, including FDOT transportation projects, power generation facilities, waste water treatment plants, and numerous specialty engineering and heavy civil projects.

Orlando Utilities Commission

Conway Water Treatment Facility
Orlando Utilities Commission
Orlando, Florida 1995

In 2000, I decided to re-join my family’s Florida construction business, Cogdill Builders, Inc. and in 2003 I launched a split-off company, Cogdill Builders of Florida, Inc. to pursue homebuilding and specialty design-build projects outside the typical geographical areas served by the family business.

You may ask “what do you like about home-building?”

The simple answer is: satisfaction of all involved. Satisfaction in the relationships I make with my clients, trade contractors, vendors, and the wide variety of individuals I encounter every day. In this business, I have encountered absolutely 

every walk of life and every type of person you can imagine. And I have had the time of my life.

While the engineering and heavy industrial-type construction provided me a high level of tangible accomplishment, there is no substitute for the satisfaction I feel in handing over a new home to a family after having designed and built that new home and realizing I have just made a new set of long term friends.

In addition to home building, I’m also involved in dental office design-build. This actually happened by accident.

As a favor, I helped a local dentist procure engineering and environmental consultant services for a piece of property he was planning to sell. Some time after the sale, he approached me about building a new office to replace the small office he had outgrown. At that time, I had attended an excellent seminar by Total Healthcare Environments on dental office design and was eager to build one.

Standish Dental Office

Standish Dental Office Design-Build, 2006

The dentist and I began preliminary designs and after a few refinements to the original, began construction. The result was breath-taking and the Dentists’ practice, productivity, and his staff’s job satisfaction level exceeded all expectations. (see the commercial gallery part of the photo gallery).

Currently, I actively pursue dental office projects along with custom homes.

In conclusion, custom homebuilding allows me to bring together in one place my enjoyment of design, the experience of building, and the feeling of creating satisfied clients and new friends.

Michael and Dad

My first construction book
Jacksonville, Florida 1968

So, contact me today to discuss your project directly with me. I personally guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the services we offer and that the results we deliver to you will exceed your expectations.

Thanks and regards,

Mike Cogdill
Cogdill Builders of Florida, Inc.
813-486-9099 Cell

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