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custom home building in Florida

Common Myths About Custom Home Building

Building a custom home is a wonderful experience- once you get started. Unfortunately, there are several myths that surround custom home building in Florida that can deter people from ever exploring it as a viable option. We’re here to explain these myths, why they exist, and the truth behind them.  Here are the most common […]

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custom home builders in Tampa

What You Need to Know About Foundations

The foundation of your home is crucial to its structure. Foundation building is one of the most important parts of construction when building a custom home. At Cogdill Home Builders, our custom home builders in Tampa understand foundations.  There are two different types of foundations that we specialize in. To understand the process behind creating […]

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build on your lot tampa

Build on your Lot: Buying a Lot

Many custom home buyers have a vision of their dream home already in their head when they come to us. It’s easy to see why there is such an allure to selecting your own plot of land and designing and constructing a home to fit this seemingly unreal picture. If you speak with those who […]

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